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KISSBYAROSE 21st Mar, 2012+0
they keep calling but since everyone is saying it's a scam I dont answer it
Scam Buster 1st Nov, 2011+0
This person called me saying they were calling from a law firm and that they would have a warrent issued and have me arrested if i didnt take care of the matter immediatly and when i asked to recieve paper work verification the guy would not give it to me and hung up on me. i was advised by a law office that this was a scam.
TurnerBurner 7th Sep, 2011+0
Kati = whore
Intranco 22nd Aug, 2011+0
Physicians Office 17th Aug, 2011+0
threatened me with arrest if I did not send $$ immediately. Said he would call my employer and I could get fired.
Trubulmaker 3rd Aug, 2011+0
They are not really dept collectors they will call u and tell u ur gonna go to jail cuz u owe money from a payday loan and that u have to go to court or u will be arrested THEY HAR A INDIAN ACCENT DO NOT FALL FOR IT they are targeting people who have previously gotten payday loans and trying to trick u into giving them money!!!!!
Ray LaFrance 29th Jul, 2011+0
Some girl named Sky calling on behalf of Scott McGilvray. I told her not to call back and hung up. Did some research, sounds like an income fund scam, as usual.
sam and den 26th Jul, 2011+0
This company is a scam/rogue company that is pretending to have your IP address and saying that you need to run a Prefetch command. Please do not listen and hang up
SMD 12th Jul, 2011+0
no on there no message lisen to my voice mail and when hangs up
Pulii 9th Jul, 2011+0
Found out through reverse look up that the Company name is: Global Crossing, a business newwork company, why would they be calling me??? If this is a Debt Collector, they are using someone else phone number.

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